Earlier on this year I was commissioned to make a piece of work for some new office headquarters in Somerset House. It was really exciting to get to work in such an iconic building.  The commission was to produce an artwork that would be in part of the central corridor of the offices.  I worked in collaboration with the illustrator Vic Lee (see his website here).  He would produce drawing that my birds would then interact with.  The theme was cities and all things London.  I think the commission work out pretty well.

This was my first collaboration and my first permanent installation where the birds were pinned directly to the walls.  I used a special protective film to cover the paper.  The corridor was very big and quite daunting, so we focussed on a few areas of it.  The corridor is also used as a breakout space and a place for impromptu meetings so some arches were added to the corridor and the upholsterer Hannah Stanton was brought on board to provide furniture and lighting to also tie in with the theme (you can see more of Hannah’s work here).

All photographs courtesy of SAM Architects/Rick Roxburgh.


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