Epiphanies and all that…


I had an epiphany of sorts the other day.

I always struggle with how to describe what I do, how to easily combine all the things I do easily into one sentence.

And then the other day I was flicking through Instagram and saw someone describe themselves as multi media artist.

There was my epiphany. That’s what I am, a multi media artist.

I always imagine I have to be one thing, that I have to be a painter or a paper artist, but I don’t, I can be several things.

There are no rules here, or only ones I make up and I can work in as many media as I like.

So without further a do I’d like to introduce one of my recent paintings.

Sometimes We Just Want To Be Invisible – acrylic ink, paint and collage on board, 84 cm H x 59 cm W (33″ x 22″).


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