Autumn Colours

Autumn has been pretty spectacular this year in London. And I’ve been making a conscious effort to look more and enjoy the beauty that’s around me. Everyday I fill up on the beauty that’s around me. Even a grey rainy day can be beautiful.

Autumn is coming to an end, the leaves are nearly gone. The challenge now is to find the beauty in the next few dark months. I’m sure there will be plenty as long as I keep my mind open to it.

Here are a few of my favourite pics all from in around my neighbourhood.


I love the gradation in colour of these trees.


I walk past this tree several times a week as it’s on my way back from my pilates class. I love the bright yellow leaves.


beautiful berries and leaves


gorgeous pinks and reds criss crossing each other


Only a few leaves hanging on here


Beautiful bright read leaves


So many blue skies this autumn that contrast so beautifully with that acid yellow



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