Whitney Museum of American Art

This is my final post about New York (for now!). And I’m finishing off with a highlight. The Whitney Museum of American Art. After walking (and sweating on) the High Line we headed into the museum. Luckily it’s at one of the The High Line so it was quite easy to find and the air con was a blessing.

It’s a beautiful museum and full of amazing art, all from American artists (obvs). They also have some beautiful outside terraces with more amazing views of New York. New York is almost overwhelming in the amount of amazing views it has.

I didn’t take so many photos there, something to do with being a bit hot an bothered and just enjoying the art. But here are some things that caught my eye.


I think this piece was called black power, or something along those lines, I love the simplicity, the energy and the message


Love Dwane Hanson’s work, it’s always a gift to see it in the flesh.


A beautiful Lilly pond.


I dressed to match the terrace! Check out that view though.


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