The Met

I was very keen to visit the Met, as I hadn’t been there before and also wanted to see the Cornelia Parker Installation, Transitional Object (Psycho Barn) that was on the roof, more info here

I’ve always loved Cornelia Parker’s work and I saw a wonderful programme about her and the making of the installation on the TV over the summer, so was super excited to see the installation in person. The Imagine programme about her is not currently available but you can check here to find more details. They do repeat them fairly regularly, it is well worth a watch (UK only I’m afraid).

Anyway on another very hot day in New York, we headed over to the Met to see what it was all about.

I love Parker’s installation, but most exciting was seeing the collection of Van Gogh’s and other impressionist and post impressionist painting. I got all a bit over excited as there were so many amazing paintings, many I’d never seen before, some familiar but only in books.

The Met is such a huge place that after seeing the Asian and Middle Eastern sections and the Impressionists I went into overwhelm and had to go. We tried to look at the Egyptian section but it was just too much. I guess it’s the sort of place you have to got back many times and do a small part each time, there was just so much to see.

Here are a few of my photos:


It was very hard to capture Cornelia Parker’s installation as the sun was right behind it, but it looked amazing


The amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline from the roof of The Met


Another shot of Transitional Object (Psycho Barn) by Cornelia Parker


From the back!


Someone on the roof!


Cezanne’s apples – I studied this when I was at school so it was really lovely to see it in person.


A beautiful painting of Oleanders by Van Gogh


Love these gorgeous read flowers


Beautiful bird in a branch


I think this is a Nightjar, but he’s very cute whatever he is.


Flat fish!


A gorgeous rug from Persia I think




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