The Final days of A Conference of Birds

A Conference of Birds ends on 31 October.

It’s always bitter sweet.

There’s part of me that never wants exhibitions to end, but also I know it’s time to move on. New works are to be made and sold works need to head off to their new homes.

Even though it’s an end in one way it’s also the beginning in many others.

I feel so proud of the works I made for the exhibition and am developing more new works that build on themes and ideas, so watch this space in 2017.

I thought it would be nice to share a few of the works.

If you  are interested in any of them please contact Diehl Gallery to check availability.

Click here to contact Diehl Gallery.


Maelstrom © Claire Brewster 2016


Seeking The Dark © Claire Brewster 2016


The View From Here © 2016 Claire Brewster


In The Pink © 2016 Claire Brewster


From The Earth © Claire Brewster 2016


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