A Conference of Birds

So this is it.

A Conference of Birds opens this week, Friday to be exact (click here for details).


Detail from Seeking The Dark © Claire Brewster 2016

The work has all arrived safe and sound which I can tell you was a massive relief. I’m always worrying about it until I know it’s arrived.

I say a few prayers to the shipping gods and hope that the work arrives in good speed and good condition.

It’s the one bit that’s out of my control.

But yay it’s arrived it’s all ok and the install starts soon and then the exhibition opens on Friday.

I’m so excited. It’s been so much hard work over the past 6 months that it’s hard to believe it’s over.

And now I’m onto the next projects.

Such is life.

This week I’ll be taking some time to celebrate and acknowledge what I achieved. Some patting myself on the back and taking stock is in order, as well as maybe a glass of something to celebrate.

You can see all the works in the exhibition here.



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