August Break – well not really

In previous years I’ve taken a break from blogging in August. It’s always felt a good time to take some time off and recharge the blogging batteries.

But this year as I took a lot of time off in June and July and I’m feeling like I’m going to carry on through August. I also have lots of exciting new work to share and I can’t possibly wait until September to do that.

Even though I’m still blogging I’m going to take part in Susannah Conway’s August Break (read more about it here). You can follow me on instagram to see my photos – click here.

Why not join in, it’s really fun. You can see the prompts below. It’s very relaxed so if you’re not inspired by any the prompts or don’t feel like it you can skip a day or two. It’s a lovely project and a nice way to connect with new people.



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