My first Solo show in America!!!

Yes you read that right. I have my first solo show in America this year at Diehl Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I started working with the gallery at the end of 2015 and I’m so excited to be having a solo exhibition with them this September.

I’m deep into making the works at the moment and am really happy with progress, things are coming together nicely. I’ll be able to give some sneaky peeks later this month. My deadline for finishing all the work is July so no time for slacking!

I’ll be sharing lots more (and I mean lots!) as the months go on.

The lovely fellow above was one of the pieces I made for the Christmas exhibition at Diehl Gallery last year. I’m happy to say he’s sold as he was my favourite of all the pieces I made. He’s a Pine Grosbeak and I just love the colours on that map.

You can find more details about the exhibition here, more details will be added as the time get’s nearer

I can’t wait to share more with you xxx


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