Blooming Crazy

It’s all going flower crazy in London at the moment, what with the Chelsea Flower show opening this week and the Chelsea Fringe, so I thought I’d join in the fun and share some of my florals. If you follow me in instagram (click here to do so) you’ll know I’m always posting flowers I see on my travels that inspire me.

I love flowers so much and love this time of year when they are all coming into bloom.

Here are a few of my botanicals


Dreamy 60 x 80 cm © 2016 Claire Brewster

There is life above

There is life Above 44 x 54 cm © 2011 Claire Brewster


Fire Flower 30 x 40 cm © Claire Brewster 2015


Fading in the light © Claire Brewster 2015


stocks, 30 x 40 cm © Claire Brewster 2014


Orchid – Singapur Version – 40 x 30 cm © 2013 Claire Brewster

There is beauty here

There is Beauty Here 65 x 55 cm © 2012 Claire Brewster


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