The Rubel Family Collection – No Man’s Land

One of my favourite of the museums in Miami is the Rubel Family Collection. Every year they show different parts of their collection (which must be huge). This year they focussed on women artists. The exhibition is called No Man’s Land.

It was an interesting collection of work. Quite dark. What’s interesting is getting an insight into what makes the collector tick. It feels very personal, in a way that a large public institution never can. They only have to buy what they like.

Here are some of my favourite pieces.

IMG_6732 IMG_6765 IMG_6764 IMG_6761 IMG_6756 IMG_6754 IMG_6752 IMG_6750 IMG_6748 IMG_6747 IMG_6746 IMG_6745 IMG_6744 IMG_6743 IMG_6742 IMG_6741 IMG_6740 IMG_6739 IMG_6738 IMG_6737 IMG_6736 IMG_6735 IMG_6733


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