Venice – the Giadinni

We worked out a new routine this year rather than dashing off to the Giardini in the morning and getting very hungry about half way round and getting grumpy (ok that’s me). We did some shopping saw a couple of collateral events or other pavilions in the morning have a lovely lunch of seafood bought fresh from the market and then hop on the vaporetto and head to the Giardini for an afternoon of art. For the first time we made it round all the pavilions and the large exhibition, without me going into melt down!

Here are a few of my favourite works from the Giardini


Pamela Rosenkranz at the Swiss Pavilion. The water is apparently a generic skin colour


The Russian Pavilion by Irina Nakhova we were watching people watching us


The Russian Pavilion again by Irina Nakhova, his eyes moved


The Japanese Pavilion by Chiharu Shiota, one of my favourites, it was quite breathtaking.


Another shot of Chiharu Shiota’s installation in the Japan pavilion


Sarah Lucas in the British Pavilion, I’m normally a fan of Sarah but his felt very thin to me, compared to some of the other pavilions.


Another piece by Sarah Lucas


Moving trees in the French Pavilion by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot




Marco Maggi in the Uruguay Pavilion. This was amazing a totally white room with tiny white paper cuts all over the walls, so detailed and very different from some of the larger brasher installations


Beautiful trees in the Austrian Pavilion by Heimo Zobernig



Persian Miniature by Adrian Ghenie in the Romania Pavilion


Pie Fight Study by Adrian Ghenie in the Romanian Pavilion


Tsibi Geva in the Israel Pavilion


A bee by Joan Jonas in the USA pavilion


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