Venice – Rialto Mercato

We went to Venice to visit the Biennale recently. It’s my third time and I was a bit more prepared this time. I always feel like I need to go into training for it. It’s amazing but there is just so much art that by the end I can hardly see it any more. My eyes and brain are totally full to the brim.

A  new thing for me in Venice was the Rialto Market. We were staying a few minutes away. It was amazing.

There are not many things that get me more excited that a good fish market and the Rialto market didn’t disappoint. There were also amazing fruit and vegetables.

Inevitably there were a lot of tourists but also clearly a lot of locals buying stuff. There are a lot of really great restaurants and bars around the market, that obviously buy from the market.

We bought some squid, crayfish, scallops and some other shellfish. It was all very yummy.

Look away now if you’re a bit squeamish or don’t like fish.

IMG_6283 IMG_6295 IMG_6292 IMG_6289 IMG_6286 IMG_6284 IMG_6300


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