In The Falls

I got a bit (ok very excited) over the weekend because Ashley Longshore commented on one of my photos on Instagram (this one), if you don’t know Ashley Longshore then google her, she is an amazing and inspiring artist. Anyway I got so excited that I cut my finger whilst making my dinner and typing is proving a little difficult this morning with a plaster on my finger, so my posts are going to be short and sweet today.

I’m sharing a sneak a peek this week at some works that are heading out today to the US for an exhibition at the Diehl Gallery in Jackson Wyoming. More details to come.

First up

In The Falls, this beauty is hand cut from a geological map of the Wyoming. It’s a Pine Grosbeak. I love love love the colours and patterns on this map and how it really captures the textures on a bird. I love that the bird is a little round and chubby. The Pine Grosbeak is a new bird to me, it’s always exciting to discover new breeds. It’s 40 x 30 cm framed in a hand painted white frame.



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