William Kentridge at Marian Goodman

My friend Val introduced me to the amazing work of William Kentridge last week. Without meeting her at the exhibition I wouldn’t have seen it, so I’m really grateful for her suggestion. The exhibition has finished now, but he does have an exhibition coming up in the Whitechapel next year and I’m sure other things, check out the Marian Goodman gallery site for more info here.

Kentridge works in several different media so it was a big show. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

clairebrewster_williamkentridge_1 clairebrewster_williamkentridge_2

His video installation – So Sweetly Play The Dance, is amazing, transfixing, somewhere between animation, sculpture and film. Truly magical.


My most favourite works are his sculptures cut from cardboard. I loved these (probably for obvious reasons!), I always get excited when I see paper art in big West End Galleries.

clairebrewster_williamkentridge_4 clairebrewster_williamkentridge_5 clairebrewster_williamkentridge_6 clairebrewster_williamkentridge_7 clairebrewster_williamkentridge_8


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