Turner Prize 2015

Whilst in Glasgow I went to see the Turner Prize which is at the Tramway this year. I took my parents along with me for the adventure as they had never been there before.

First up The Turner Prize. I read this really good review in the Guardian (here), which pretty much sums up the exhibition. Thin and slight are my main thoughts. There really was no substance to the work. Apart from Assemble’s exhibition but I’m not really sure  why that was included, it seems more appropriate for the Stirling Prize.

The nominees this year are Nicole Wermers, Bonnie Camplin, Janice Kerbel and Assemble.

Nicole Wermers exhibition is the first you come across. The fur coats are amazing and fascinating as you don’t see them around these days. Real fur somehow feels very elicit and not right. But I’m just not sure what Nicole was trying to say. The most interesting thing about her exhibition was the conversation we had with the gallery attendant, about fur coats, the differences between Scottish and English amongst other things. She was really lovely I’m not sure about the art.


Nicole Wermes Untitled Chair


Nicole Wermers Untitled Chair

We then saw Assemble’s exhibition was interesting and beautiful. The work that they produce is beautiful and amazing. I saw a couple of the projects that they did in London (The Cineroleum and Folly For A Flyover) which were really amazing.

This was the best work by far. There was meaning to it and a sense of energy and passion.

If you want to find out more and buy their products go here.


Printed fabrics by Assemble


I love these tiles very much and really want them in my bathroom or kitchen


I really liked the marbled materials they made


More marbeling


Love these colours

We didn’t see Janice Kerbel’s piece as the performances only started in the afternoon so I can’t really comment.

And I’m afraid the Bonnie Camplin’s work is my least favourite thing. Walking into her space is like walking into a library or study room, but it’s meant to be an art exhibition, it’s very impenetrable. I tend to switch of as I can’t find any obvious way into understanding.

What do you think of this year’s nominees? I’d love to know.

The Tramway itself is a lovely place with a really nice cafe and a really love secret garden. We spent more time there than looking at the art!

IMG_5747 IMG_5749 IMG_5750


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