I went of a quick weekend trip to visit my family in Glasgow last weekend. It was a glorious weekend. I was there for 4 days and it didn’t rain once. I think that must be some sort of record!

One of the best things about where my family live (the West side of the city) is that there’s so much really beautiful countryside so near. On Saturday we went on a trip to Loch Ardinning.

From the roadside it doesn’t look much but once you walk a bit deeper in you realise what a really magical and beautiful place it is. The autumn colours were wonderful, everything was just on the turn so there were beautiful golds and reds and greens.

It felt so peaceful, for a Londoner not to hear traffic sounds is a real joy. You can find out more about it here.

Here are a few pics


Looking towards the Campsie Hills – I love the ghostly low cloud hanging over the top of them.

view through trees

The loch through trees


Reflections in a stream


The sky reflected in the loch


More reflections


Leaves beginning to turn


Heather in bloom


A close up of heather


I love these firey colours


Beautiful leaves


Dried out thistles


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