Frieze part 1

Frieze week has been and gone for another year and the art fair circus moves on to another city. I always enjoy my trip to Frieze, even though it is a massively overwhelming experience, there is just so much art. It’s always an inspiration.

When I was looking back at my photos I realised there were definite themes to the pieces that I liked, so I am going to split my posts into these themes so you can get a bit of an insite to my brain.

This is by Damien Hirst, it’s a painting of the Old Holland watercolour chart. I went straight for the reds

First is red.

I don’t know if it was the autumnal colours I saw before I went in but red really was a theme for me.



Lovely red glittery texture


A pink and red bug


gorgeous pink glitter


red match sticks


red swirls


red splashes


red square


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