Trip to Eltham Palace


The first of my trips in August was to Eltham Palace, though it’s still in London it felt like it was a long way away.  It was a really hot day, my parents were visiting from Scotland and were a little unprepared for the heat. Eltham Palace had been on our list of places to visit for a while and I’m glad we finally made it. We took a train from Waterloo East and arrived at a station called Mottingham. There wasn’t a lot of signage but there were lots of other people looking for Eltham Palace so we managed to find it.

I’d seen pictures of it in magazines before but it is so much more beautiful and the gardens especially were lovely. It’s run by English Heritage, who it seems don’t really like signage, as it wasn’t immediately obvious how to get to the house when you arrive but we found our way.

Here are a few pics of the trip.


I love a good shrubbery


I was a bit obsessed by the doors in the dining room. I love how they used animals on them but didn’t make them very pretty, in fact some of them are a bit scary! I’m not sure how yet but I know these are going to influence some work, so watch this space!


Slightly creepy owl


A not all together friendly Zebra


The eyes on this lion really scare me


A slightly disgruntled penguin


An otter dreaming of the stars


A very fed up looking monkey


I love the colours of this orchid against the mustard yellow wall


Dreaming of a bathroom like this


is it ok to be in love with a tap?


the bamboos are coming to get you….


a super sexy hydrangea


Another rather gorgeous hydrangea

So those are my impressions of Eltham Palace, I may have spent too much time obsessing over creepy animals on the doors, but that’s what excited me the most along with the hydrangeas.


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