Trip to Deal

Sometimes you just need to see the sea. London is great but the lack of horizon sometimes get’s to me and all I need is the open sky that you get at the beach. I’ve had two recent trips to the sea and I do think that one day I’ll need to live by the sea.


delicious freshly cooked fish and chips from Walmer Fish and Chips

On the recent bank holiday weekend the BF and I decided to go on a day trip to Kent. It takes about 1.5 hours give or take some traffic. We mostly went it seems to buy eggs and plums but also to have fish and chips on the beach in Deal. We got lucky as the weather forecast had been for a showery day, but it turned out to be a really beautiful warm and sunny day.

Perfect for fish and chips on the beach and visiting lots of farm shops.

I love all the colours and textures on the beach. The sun and salt create such beautiful weather beaten patinas on everything.

There was even a band playing in the bandstand.


Here are a few of my favourite finds on the beach.



pebbles, there are always lots of pebbles on the beaches on the South Coast


arms on the beach….


gorgeous flakey turquoise paint


I love the way this pink fades up to almost white


turquoise and orange – the best colour combination


faded fraying blue


An unimpressed seagull


gorgeous faded wood


Love these colours – pink, pale blue, bright yellow and black


love this rustyness


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