Joseph Cornell


Joseph cornell

Have you seen the Joseph Cornell exhibition at the Royal Academy yet? After a couple of aborted attempts I finally made it last week.

Joseph Cornell is one of my artistic heroes. I’ve long been a fan but never seen more than 1 or 2 pieces together at a time. I was so excited to see this exhibition.

I just love his work so much. I love the fact that he worked in his basement and never travelled outside of America yet knows so much about so many other cultures and and countries. The collector in me gets so excited when I see all his ephemera and bits and bobs he uses.

‘Cornell travelled far and wide in his imagination but above all he longed for the state of yearning itself.’

‘His sensibility thrived on contemplating the unattainable; he loved moments of anticipation or nostalgia, reveries when he could ‘be’ in two places at once.’

Those 2 quotes pretty much sum up Cornell’s work for me. I love the sense of yearning and longing in the works. They are such a step back in time yet feel very much present.

It’s on until 27 September so go and visit if you can!




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