It’s good to be back

How was August for you?

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’m in a space where August feels like it raced by but simultaneously slowed down to a stop. Is it possible to be racing and stationary at the same time?

August has been a fun month. I’ve put in some miles around the UK, which is nice and not something I do often. I’ve been working on some new ideas that are taking their time but I know something good will happen. Though at the moment I’m feeling the fear of what to do next, but I know that is a stage, part of the process and I welcome it so that I can come out of the other side. I’ll be sharing what I’ve been up to as soon as there’s something to share.


Can’t See The Wood © Claire Brewster 2014

Some things have come to an end, namely ‘The Forest of Possibilities’ exhibition. It’s been a great exhibition and I’ll be posting all about my workshop in Thirsk later in the week.

I’m writing this on a very rainy bank holiday Monday here in London and it really does feel like we’ve seen the last of summer today, though I’m ever hopeful that September will turn out to be the gloriously warm and mellow month it often is.

I’m ready to embrace the final third of the year, ready for new challenges and to put myself more out into the world.

Read this brilliant article by Elizabeth Gilbert about how she won most in show, it’s very inspiring and has made determined to put myself out more into the world.

Trying once isn’t enough!

What this means for me is applying for more competitions, submitting to more blogs, sending my work out to more places and to be seen by more people. I’m feeling so excited! (and ok a tiny bit scared).

So let’s do this!


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