Imi Knoebel at the White Cube

The second exhibition currently on at the White Cube is by an artist by Imi Knoebel. I hadn’t heard of him before (you can find out more here). I loved this work more than the Mark Quinn.

The colours and the shapes are so beautiful and satisfying to the eye. He used a lot of fluorescent paints combined with flatter colours, the combinations were so lovely and the brush strokes were very deliberate and added to the effect.  Of course this all makes them very difficult to photograph as the works shimmer and change colour as you move around the room. If you have a chance I would recommend a trip, it closes this Saturday.


I think this was my favourite, the shapes and the combination of colours and textures really works


So simple yet so fascinating, I want to look for hours.


I love acid yellow


A very bored looking gallery attendant


Such depth in the colours even though they appear to be flat


Shimmery pink and yellow


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