The Harbingers in Homes and Gardens


Check out August’s Homes and Gardens for a lovely piece about Villa La Scale. Here you can see a shot of the living room featuring my gorgeous piece the Harbingers.

I always feel a bit weird when I look at this photo as I love seeing my birds there but I didn’t do this arrangement (you can read all my trip to Capri to do the final install here).

Seeing how someone else installs your work is always interesting but in the end my ego finds it hard to accept. All I see is that they are installed wrong.

I have installed the Harbingers so many times and in so many places that I feel very connected to it and a little proprietorial. I have a strong vision of how it should be. To see them installed any other way feels very difficult and uncomfortable. I know no one else will notice and it probably doesn’t make any difference, but a little bit of my heart is in that work and letting it go is difficult.

I feel very happy that The Harbingers have found their forever home but I also feel a little bit sad that they are no longer with me. I know they will be very happy in Capri. I couldn’t asked for a more beautiful location and it’s nice to know that a little bit of me is there forever.


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