Studio Tidying part 2


My project to tidy and de clutter my studio is going well. Though there still seems a lot to do it feels a lot clearer now. The next jobs are going through all my bits of paper and clearing some of them out. This is the hardest bit and the bit that takes the longest but I’m determined to finish the job. I’m already feeling so much lighter and happier. My next project is to continue the de cluttering in the rest of my flat. I feel like I’m on a roll. The only hard bit is the getting rid of the stuff I don’t want anymore. My local charity shop has been benefitting greatly.

One major success is I’ve finished my shredding. I had papers dating back to 1996! It feels so good to have that all done and gone.

I can highly recommend some decluttering, it’s amazing what you find when you go looking and how much stuff you don’t want anymore.



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