On beauty

Beauty is a dirty word in the art world. We’re not meant to talk about it as it’s a social construct.

But I say f**k that, we can talk about it if we want to. And what’s wrong with having it as an aim with your work. It feels like a radical stance.

claire brewster capturing the changing times, map, paper, plants

Capturing the changing times © Claire Brewster 2015

The painter Agnes Martin said:

“When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is just not in the eye. It is in the mind. It is our positive response to life.”

I believe it’s ok to talk about beauty and want to create beauty. After all we all want to see, feel and hear beauty and fill our homes with objects and art we find beautiful.

It’s ok if we don’t all agree on what’s beautiful, isn’t that part of the joy of life, but let’s talk about it and acknowledge that it matters.

The reason nature fascinates me so much is that it is always beautiful, it doesn’t need to hide it’s beauty and which is why it makes such a wonderful subject for my work.

I am forever astounded and inspired by nature. It is impossible not to see the beauty in it.


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