Installing The Harbingers in Capri

I went on a flying visit to Island of Capri last week, that started with a 4am wake up call and involved a 3 cars, 1 train, 1 plane and 1 boat all before lunch!

I was only there for 48 hours but it was fun and Capri is very beautiful.

The Harbingers was being installed in the Villa La Scale, which is an historic villa in Anacapri. It was build in 1800 and has been refurbished this year. It wasn’t quite finished when I was there so unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures of the villa. It is incredibly beautiful and will be amazing when it’s finished. You can see some images of the the villa here

Here are some photos of the install.

Villa La Scale 1


Villa La Scale 2

The first few birds

Villa La Scale 3

Taking shape

Villa La Scale 4

Close up

Villa La Scale 5

The first to be pinned


Villa La Scale 5

All pinned

Villa La Scale 6

Looking gorgeous flying around

Villa La Scale 7

Fluttering around the mirror

Villa La Scale 8

An escapee

Villa La Scale 9

Lovely colours

Villa la Scale

A beautiful group

Villa La Scale

A side view

Villa La Scale

Are you ready for your close up

Villa La Scale

Flying away

Villa La Scale

The final installation



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