Hitomi’s leaf


Last year I went on a studio visit to my lovely friend Hitomi Hosono. Sadly I forgot to take any photos, I was too engrossed in finding all about Hitomi’s practice and how she makes her amazing work. You may remember that she won the first Perrier Jouet arts prize (click here to read).

During my visit, I got to make my very own leaf. You can see the finished result above. Hitomi was so kind as to fire it for me.

She makes hundreds of these for each piece that she makes. After having a go at making one I’m deeply impressed.

The leaf is made by pressing the clay into a mold and then each leaf is carved using that pointy tool that dentists use to scrape your teeth. It is very intricate work and for someone who likes intricate work it was a challenge. I loved having a go with a completely different material to the one I’m used to.

And the best thing is I get my own Hitomi Hosono leaf. One day I’ll have one of her pieces (even it it is one leaf at a time!).


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