sarah Sze

I’m a huge fan of the aritst Sarah Sze so I was very excited when I heard she was having a solo show at the Victoria Miro gallery. And that she was taking over all three of their spaces. I luckily live very near to 2 of the Victoria Miro spaces in Islington. So I treated myself to a visit last week.

The last time I saw Sarah’s work was at the Venice Biennale, where she represented the USA in 2013 (I wrote about it here). I was excited to see what direction here work had taken since then. I was not disappointed. It’s a great show, worth the trip, I can’t wait to make to the 3rd space.

The exhibition is a mixture of her installations and printed work.  I love the controlled randomness of her work. And her use of ephemera combined with printed material.  She really used the gallery space well.

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment.

IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3866 IMG_3873 IMG_3870 IMG_3875 IMG_3876 IMG_3878 IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3883


I’d love to hear what you think, are you a fan of Sarah Sze? Send me a message to let me know your thoughts.


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