Red Monkey

You might be thinking that monkey’s not red, and no it isn’t. It’s called Red Monkey because it’s the type of monkey, it’s part of my series of invented animals. I create a new world of flora and fauna. I am an explorer travelling the world (of my imagination) discovering new creatures that I bring to the world.

So I give you Red Monkey. He is made from acid etched stainless steel, and then hand gilded with imitation gold leaf by me. He is pinned with entomology pins into Museum Entomology box (see below for a picture). Red Monkey is a limited edition of 20, he costs £475 and the box size is 20 x 30 cm.  Click here to buy one of your very own.


Red Monkey in all his gilded glory © Claire Brewster 2014



Red Monkey in situ in his Museum Entomology Box © Claire Brewster 2014 photo :


A collection of Monkeys © Claire Brewster 2014 photo:


Doesn’t he look gorgeous. If you’d like to add one to your collection please click here to buy.


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