Install in Switzerland – part 2

The second installation (read about the first one here)  was a flock of blue birds, that took residence on the landing. It was a beautiful space, with a lovely high ceiling. The blue birds really did look right at home there.

Luckily the installations both went up well and I was finished in plenty of time to get my flight home. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. It had been snowing a bit all day but not really settling. So it was quite a surprise when we left to go to the airport and there was very thick snow. It took us about an hour to make a 5 minute journey as we could only drive at about 5 miles per hour. Things weren’t much better when we got on the highway. It was pretty nerve racking. We had left plenty of time but it took nearly 2 hours to get to the airport (normal journey time 25 mins). At one point it seemed like we wouldn’t make it in time, luckily we did. My flight was delayed by an hour and a half so we needn’t have worried too much. It was quite an adventure. I haven’t seen that much snow in a long while. At least the Swiss are very prepared with winter tires and traction devices in their cars

Here are some images of the birds in their new home.


The flock beginning to take place


It was a really beautiful space to work i


A lovely blue bird


A cheeky little fella!


A seagull


I love the blue stripe on the wing of this bird


Keeping an eye…


The start of the flock…


making a bid for freedom


the flock completed


There’s always one trying to get away


The flock



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