Here in London we have an interesting relationship with foxes. They live amongst us like shadows seen in the night. Often we only see (or smell) their traces, the rubbish strewn across the pavement or the pungent smell of their den. Occasionally you will come face to face with one. Which is always a magical moment. Being in such close proximity to such a wild animal seems so incongruous when you’re walking down a London street. They feel like they belong in the country, though you would rarely see them in the country. London is generally a great place to see wildlife.

To honour this I’ve made some foxes. You can see them below. They’re made from acid etched stainless steel, hand gilded with imitation gold leaf, then pinned with entomological pins into a Museum Entomology box. They’re 20 x 30 cm and cost £475.

Click here to buy Flower Fox and click here to buy Asian Fox on or you could by both!


The foxes in their boxes (!) © Claire Brewster 2014 photo:


Asian Fox © Claire Brewster 2014


Flower Fox © Claire Brewster 2014



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