Happy New Year

Happy New Year
I hope you had a good, relaxing and happy festive season. I did, I was up in Glasgow with my family which was fun and nice to be up there (only slightly spoiled by the train journey home, but we’ll gloss over that!).

After my blogging hiatus at the end of last year it feels good to be back.

I’m not one for resolutions, they always feel so final and I like things to be a bit more open and fluid, things change and flow during the year and I like to stay flexible. I am planning to make some changes to the way I work though. I’ve been feeling a bit dissatisfied with things over the past few months so it seemed a good time to make some changes.

Focus is my word of the year, so I’m working on the idea of scheduling specific time for specific projects rather than my current haphazard methods. Chopping and changing all the time is not good for focus.

I got a lovely new A5 filofax for Christmas which is my new planning and strategic weapon. I’ve realised that relying on a digital calendar wasn’t working for me, it didn’t give me the overview that I needed. I’m excited to see how things work out with my new systems.

Another change is that I’m banning my phone from the bedroom. No more late night reading Facebook or checking my emails first thing in the morning. I read this article and realised I needed to make the change. My brother gave me an alarm clock for Christmas and that is what going to be waking me up for now.

There will be more changes over the year, but I prefer to do a few things at a time and set them as new habits rather overwhelming myself and trying to change everything at once.

What about you are you are you making any changes for 2015?


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