ZAP Art Tour

I became a member of Zeitgeist Arts Projects a year or so ago.  It’s a great organisation.  Check out their website here.  They organise all sorts of events, including a open exhibition every year.  I was luck enough to be selected last year.  One of the other things they do is organise monthly Art Tours. I’ve been on a few and managed to make it to their last one of the year.  Here are a few pics from the exhibitions we went to.

First up was Limoncello gallery, on Kingsland Road in Hackney, see their website here.  The have a ceramic exhibition on at the moment.


I loved this cup, it is possibly the perfect cup.


I love a bit of gold


These 2 dancing ladies are rather beautiful

Then we went on 17 Gallery.


This wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I did like this arrangement of ephemera

Then on to Flowers Gallery, see their website here

Ihad been wanting to go there to see the Julie Cockburn exhibition, as I am a big fan.


a beautiful rearranged photo by Julie Cockburn


A hand embroidered photo, I love the way she uses colour in her work


Another hand embroidered photograph by Julie Cockburn

Then on to Charlie Smith Gallery.

I loved this exhibition, it was called Idolatry and was all small works. Where I discovered a new artist, Tom Butler.  I loved his work, so amazing.




This is my favourite piece. I love his expression and the beautiful painting on top



We also went to Standpoint and Parasol Unit.  It is a full on afternoon, but really great.  You meet new people and at each gallery there is a talk about the exhibition.  A really great way to catch up on some exhibitions.

I strongly recommend joining if you live in London (or close by).


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