Pearl’s Tears

As an artist it’s always important to try new things and along with my metal I have been wanting to make some more mixed media collage work. I started noodling around with some ideas many months ago but nothing really happened, just lots of aborted pieces of work.  So maybe the time wasn’t right, sometimes you have to let things come to you. A couple of months ago I got an idea and started working on it and something started to appear.

Yes there was definitely something. Pearl’s Tears was starting to take shape.

Pearls tears

This is it’s first iteration that I worked on.  It is collage on card with pencil.  I liked it but it needed something more.  Some more depth perhaps.  I started cutting more tears bigger this time and tried them but they didn’t work.  Around this time I started thinking about entomology boxes and bought a victorian one from ebay.  That seemed to be a more appropriate place to store a collection of something as precious as tears.

So the next version was created.


I used only silvery tears this time and painted the back ground with ink to get that lovely blue/blackness.  The tears are pinned using very fine entomology pins.

Pearl’s tears are the tears of a mythical child, I’m not sure they are all her own but they transformed into precious jewels.


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