The Studio

Our tour is almost over. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing each room in detail. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing these posts and I’ve loved reliving the exhibition room by room.

The studio is the final room of the exhibition and probably the most wild.  A flock of owls have taken up residence and a forest has made it’s way inside.

All is not lost: 44 hand cut maritime maps, pins
I am very interested in they way nature adapts to the changing environment it lives in and co-exists with Man. Nature is increasing making it’s way into urban environments as it’s natural habitats get become less habitable. For this installation a flock of owls has made it’s temporary home in the studio. They have flown far and wide to be here.


The owls are looking very happy here – photo:


Owls books and trees – what a great combination – photo:


An owl behind feathers – photo:


The sunlight casting beautiful shadows – photo:


I love the way the trees look like they belong in the room – photo:


I love how you can see the owls in the background – photo:


Wise owls – photo:


watch out for that candle! – photo:


Framed by leaves – photo:


lovely owls – photo:


Beautiful colour combination – photo:


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