The red room

Our journey is nearly at an end. This room has the most framed works, though there are also some birds flying around.

The works you can see are:

A convergence: 68 hand cut pages from an Oxford Advanced Atlas, pins
Did you know that when birds flock together they join up with many different types of birds?  I’m not sure if that is true or not but I love the idea of birds getting together and converging all with the same plan. That is how the idea for this piece of work came about.

A dissection – After William Morris: hand cut Spanish maps, pins, box frame
The work of William Morris is a constant inspiration for me. I love his use of nature in his work. He creates a fantasy world that transforms the interiors that are decorated with his work.

Winter in the City: hand cut maps of Chicago, pins, box frame

That feeling when it’s winter, the light is low, it’s probably a bit wet, the trees are shedding leaves. It’s a sort of melancholy beauty.

When do we stop counting: hand cut population map of SE England, pins, box frame

Immigration always seems high on the political agenda. Nature has no such problems, it is free to travel where and when it wants and even plants are very clever at doing this.

The Air that we breath : hand cut maps of Cities in USA, pins, box frame

Living in a heavily polluted city fresh air sometimes seems like a dream. Nature becomes all the more important as a way to help keep the air fresh. The fact that this work was made during the worst period of pollution in London for many years in no coincidence, neither is the fact it looks a little bit like a lung.

Good Bye Paris: hand cut map of Paris, pins, box frame
Never a phrase you want to hear. This is my homage to one of my favourite places in the world.


A convergence and a dissection – photo:


A Convergence and Good Bye Paris – photo:


I love this view, with the bugs and the birds – photo:


A convergence, Winter in the City and The Air That We Breath – photo:


A little one all on it’s own – photo:



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