Personal Territories – The salon

The salon is the first room you enter in the exhibition and is perhaps the subtlest room, in terms of the intervention of the work. I like it because the colours work so well together and I did my first ever installations on a mirror, which is something I would like to explore more.

As you enter the room the idea is you are entering the private rooms of an eccentric collector.  As you see the collection is starting to get a little bit out of hand, some of the butterflies have escaped and are starting to make the salon their home.

The two pieces installed in this room are

On Our way home – 31 Hand cut Monarch Butterflies from maps of the USA, pins.

Nature in all its mysteries, inspires me and has indeed inspired this work. The Monarch butterfly is a good example of this.  Every year the Monarch Butterfly migrates thousands of miles to avoid the harsh winter, yet we don’t know how they do it. Sadly the Monarch is highly endangered, due to changes in habitat and decline in its favourite food sources.  In this work I hope to highlight the beauty and fragility of nature.



2 butterflies and some berries – photo:


close up of butterfly – photo:


The salon with butterflies – photo:


Somewhere, Someday: installation of 42 handcut butterflies from old books.

The butterfly whilst being beautiful and ethereal are also agents for destruction. Their caterpillars will eat through all manner of plants and other materials. These butterflies chosen food was books, so much so that they turned into books.



Somewhere, someday with reflection – photo:



I love this photo, I like the way the mirror is all frosted and the butterflies are so clear – photo:


As you leave the salon you enter the dinning room….


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