Personal Territories – The Install

I arrived in Saint-Saphorin on Monday evening both excited and nervous. It was going to be a busy week and you never know until all the work is out and you start putting it together how things are going to work out. Add to that staying somewhere you’ve only visited once before with people you don’t know there were bound to be a few nerves.

On the first night we went for fondu as I guess you have to when in Switzerland. It was delicious and a great start to the week. We started bright and early on the Tuesday. Luckily there were lots of helpers as there were a lot of works to install. The first piece to start to go up was ‘An Apocalypse of Butterflies’ and then the forest was installed and then we moved on to the skulls and more butterflies.

My lovely friend Silvia came to visit me and to help, which was really great and a big help having another pair of hands and fresh eyes.

Most of the pieces went up as expected, though as always things didn’t quite work as planned and it was really great to collaborate with Jorge and his team to work out what worked best. It’s always when you get in the zone that the magic starts happening and someone else’s vision can take you somewhere that you weren’t expecting.

I am really proud of the end result, we created something really magical and poetic. Of course it helped that the surroundings were already pretty amazing. Installing my work in such an amazing setting was a dream come true.

Here are some of my photos of the install.


bugs lining up to be installed


a lonely bug


butterflies starting to fly


bringing the outside in


Owls being installed


the owls taking up residence


someone’s hiding in the forest


books and trees


selfie with butterflies


skulls in the dining room


blue birds


the photographer hard at work



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