Personal Territories – The dining room

There is a change in energy and medium in the dining room.  The work here is inspired by the collections in the British Museum. It’s always interesting when you have to install your work in different places. It’s constantly a challenge to see how the pieces will work in their new surroundings.  I was concerned that the metal wouldn’t work in the book pages, as I was very fixed that they need a dark back ground.  In the end I really like the effect, the metal and the paper go really well together.

The works are:

Masquerade – intervention on oil paintings

The Impossibility of Knowing: Acid etched brass, Spanish Lace Pins, edition of 10A skull is a celebration and also the thing of nightmares depending on your point of view. A memento mori or something to scare the children. These skulls are more friendly than scary a reminder that they can be fun too.

A Matter of Life and Death: an installation of 36 acid etched brass skulls. When I was a child I made a trip to London with my family to see the Gold of El Dorado Exhibition at the British Museum. The awe I felt surrounded by all that gold and beauty was a major influence on my work in metal. I am fascinated by the mysticism and religious quality of the objects. The skulls are my interpretation of the mystical semi religious objects unearthed from an archeological dig.

Hybirds – an installation of 6 Sparrowhawks, 4 Pigeonhawks and 4 Hummingcrows. These birds are my experiment with interbreeding or they are my fantasy birds.  Life the real thing but only better.


3 sparrowhawks with masquerade – photo:


A matter of life and death over pages from books – photo:


Sparrowhawks and masquerade from the side – photo:


A matter of life and death – I love the reflection in the mirror of this one it looks like fire – photo:


2 skulls in the fireplace, they really look good with the black – photo:


The dining room – photo:


A matter of Life and death. I love the reflection in this one as well – photo:


Hybirds – Pigeonhawks and Hummingcrows – photo:


sparrowhawks – photo:


I love this photo – I like the way the pigeonhawk is flying towards The Impossibilty of Knowing – photo:


Hybirds and Voltaire – photo:

and now we head upstairs…


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