Personal Territories – Part 1

An now I can introduce the final professional shots of the exhibition. They were taken by the very talented photographer Patrice Schreyer. He really caught the atmosphere of the exhibition and the magicalness (is that even a word) of the chateau. We were very lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day so the light was amazing.

There are so many amazing photos that I thought I would split them in 2 halves  to give you an overview and then go into more detail in further blog posts

So without further ado here are the photos of the ground floor, which is the salon, the dining room and the hall.


The entrance hall photo:


Masquerade – an intervention on a painting along with some sparrowhawks photo:


It’s a matter of life or death photo:



a pigeonhawk coming into land on The impossibility of Knowing photo:


2 butterflies and some berries in the salon photo:


butterflies on the mirror photo:


the salon with butterflies photo:


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