Working at the V & A

Being able to say I work at the V&A is like a dream come true. I was asked to cover some workshops a year or so ago by the super talented Sarah Brigland. Sarah had originally been asked by the V&A to devise a workshop for Primary age children. The workshop is called Pop-Up Stories, in which the children make a pop-up. When Sarah was going on maternity leave and she very kindly asked me if I would like to cover for her. Hell yes was my answer. It was real pleasure to run the workshops and I was really sad when my original run came to an end when Sarah returned from her Maternity leave.

The story has a happy ending for me though as Sarah decided she could no longer run the workshops and I was asked to take over the running of them. So now I get to run 9 workshops a year at the V&A.

The workshops are very fast paced and even though they are only 2 hours long they are pretty exhausting. They are also really rewarding it’s always amazing to see the drawings the children do and the stories they come up with.

Here are a few drawings from a recent workshop.




and one of the finished pop ups.




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