Personal Territories

I’m very excited to tell you a bit more about my latest exhibition Personal Territories.

Personal Territories is the world of the eccentric collector, someone who has travelled the world and has brought together a collection of flora and fauna. This exhibition will see a collection of my work brought together for the first time along with a series of new works.  It is my biggest exhibition to date and I’m very excited by the challenges that this has brought with it and also the opportunities to make some new works and rework some existing pieces.

I can’t wait to share these works with you and will of course share lots of photos of exhibition and the installation process.

I’m really so excited and looking forward to the install at the end of the month.

The exhibition opens on 1 November, click here to see the invitation.  I’d love it you were able to come.  The exhibition will then be open by appointment only until the end of December.



All is not lost, 2013 © Claire Brewster


All is not lost, 2013 © Claire Brewster



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