My favourite pens


Do you have a favourite pen type? I do in fact I have several though they do evolve I generally stick with the same ones.

For drawing I like Faber Castell PITT artist pen in S and XS. Though I have recently discovered Pigma Micron pens so they might become my new favourite. I used to be obsessed by Staedtler Pigment liners but now not so much, though I still occasionally go back to them.

As you might imagine I have a lot of pens.

I also like to use Letraset ProMarkers and Faber Castell PITT brush pens for bigger drawings.

For writing I like to use either a calligraphy pen, current favourite is an Edding pen, but Faber Castell do a good one as well, or I also like my Pentel Stylo for writing.

Oh and my last and final pen is a Pilot G-Tec, which I use for both drawing and writing, is very fine and quite hard which I like for some drawings.

Oh ok there is one more, I always like to have a Sharpie to hand for big writing on shipping boxes and sometime drawing.

They are always black my pens, I’m not a big fan of other colours for drawing or writing.

As I said I have a lot of pens!

Do you have a favourite pen that I should know about?  Please do share I’m always keen to try new pens.  You can never have enough pens – can you?


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