How to arrange birds


I recently wrote about the pinning process (click here to read) but there is a step in between the cutting of the birds and the pinning of them. And that is the arranging of the birds. This bit can be the hardest part or it can happen very easily.

Once I have finished cutting the birds I then have to arrange them. The idea is to create a flow and movement with the birds. I start by arranging them on the foam board. I am working more by feeling than thought when I do this. Usually if I start thinking too much the birds become too ordered and I have to start again. Once I have an arrangement I am sort of happy with I then stick them using tape and then sit back an look and fiddle with with them. Moving them slightly, taking them away, adding them back.  As some point the piece feels right and then I can stop and start pinning. Even after the birds have been pinned I sometimes change them.

It’s funny that I don’t really see the arranging as important, when in some ways it is the most important part of the process. If the birds aren’t arranged right then the piece doesn’t work.

Writing about it has made me realise that each part of the process goes to make up the final artwork and each part is of equal importance.



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