Frieze – part 1

How does Frieze always catch me by surprise? Every year it suddenly appears from no where. I think I am an autumn denialist (is that a word?), I just don’t want to believe autumn is with us. Though the weather has been so warm here in London that you might be forgiven for thinking it was still summer. But the trees are doing their autumnal thing anyway.

Back to Frieze, I managed to get myself a ticket and head along last Friday for a look around.  I always enjoy it, I know all the criticisms against it, but where else do you get such a wide overview of the contemporary art world in one go. It is very overwhelming but I always leave very inspired.

I took lots of photos so have split them over 2 posts.


There was a beautiful bed of plants right by the entrance a lovely sight and a nice effort to bring the outside in.



The drawings are by Angus Fairhust, but what really got my attention was the red trees, I’m not sure if they were by him as well. I love the intensity of the colour


You can’t beat a chandelier


I loved this ghostly presence.


I think this was done in biro, though I’m not sure as there was no info. I love the texture when you get close up.


This beautiful bird is by Kiki Smith, I’m a big fan of her work.


A closer look


I loved this blue felt tip pen drawing by Martin Creed.


Making a statement!


This looks so 3 dimensional that I find it hard to believe it’s a painting.




this is made from false nails. I love it’s smallness and quietness which seems quite shocking when surrounded by so much big stuff.


There always has to be a piece of performance art going on. I think they are all wearing the same hat.


I’m always a bit of a sucker for metal lettering.


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