Darwin’s Menagerie

I Saw the most amazing taxidermy exhibition last weekend. Darwin’s Menagerie at the antiques emporium Jamb (click here to read more). It is by the taxidermy artists Sinke and van Tongeren. It’s only on until 30 October so if you can go now it is well worth the trip. The story of how Sinke and van Tongeren became taxidermy artists is an interesting one and I am so glad they did. The world would be a sadder place without their art in the world.

I can’t describe how inspiring I found this exhibition. I am a taxidermy lover, but this took it too another level. I was a little bit giddy when I was there.  The man in the shop was very lovely and patient, but I’m sure he thought I was a bit of a crazy taxidermy groupie (well I probably am!).

Anyway, here are a selection of photos I took (I took a lot).

I’m very excited to start making some new work that is influenced by this exhibition. I’m not sure how yet, but I have some ideas that I will be working on over the next few months.  I feel very excited at the thought which is always a good sign.


Birdcage – This was my favourite piece – the colours and the energy. I’m in fact doing a separate post on this I love it so much.


Running White Great Rhea – I love the expression on this bird.


I love the elegance of the composition of this one


A very majestic bird


sometimes it was hard to tell if they were alive or not!


such beautiful colours


This is such a beautiful composition


This is a photo of the bird during the taxidermy process. It looked like a drawing or a painting of a bird


Another photo taken during the taxidermy process


This pelican looks like he would get up to a lot of mischief!


A little deer with fangs


not taxidermy but I fell in little bit in love with this light and the painted clogs.


Another beautiful group of birds


Are you ready for your close up – a pair of beautiful red Ibis


Monkey eating bird


I loved the colours of these elegant birds


There were also amazing bugs


and last but not least an amazing tucan



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