Christiane Lohr

When we were in Tokyo we went to the Shiseido Gallery, which is the basement of the Shiseido Building in the Ginza area. There was a really great exhibition called Lifescape. And there to my delight was some work by Christiane Lohr.  I was so excited to get to see her in the flesh. I had seen it online but it was so much more in reality.

Her work is so beautiful, delicate, fragile and ethereal, such a joy to see it. I don’t remember much else in the exhibition as I was looking at her work for so long.

I find her work so inspiring, the smallness of the pieces and how she manipulates the plants and gets them to stay is amazing. I’m totally in awe and wondering how I can incorporate some of this in to my work. There are so many ideas to take away and interpret in my own way, I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet but am looking forward to exploring new ideas.

Here are a few pics taken from her website here


Two little domes © Christiane Lohr


a big arch form © Christiane Lohr


little surface © Christiane Lohr


dandelion cushion © Christiane Lohr


Two permeable forms © Christiane Lohr


seed bar © Christiane Lohr


Ragusa Hair work © Christiane Lohr

Do check out here website for more works here and if you get the chance to see here work in the flesh take it as it really is wonderful.



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