Buying Art

Dave Conrey of Fresh Rag (click here) recently posted a piece about artists not buying other artists work that really affected me. They complain about not selling enough but then they’re not buying other artists work. I am definitely guilty as charged. I can here my inner critic saying but you don’t have enough money to buy art. But I do, I have enough money to buy clothes and other luxuries so why not art. In truth I don’t know why I don’t buy art, all I know is I am guilty of complaining about not selling enough whilst not doing my bit for other artists to help them sell more.

I don’t see myself as a collector of a buyer of art, I guess because I see myself as a maker and it never occurred to me that I was allowed to be both.

Anyway I decided to do something about this and commit to buying one piece of art a month, no I won’t be spending thousands but for up to £100 there are a lot of options and it feels great to be helping (in a small way) other artists. After all if as a community we can’t help and support each other then how can we expect other people to support us by buying our work.

I’m interested to know do you buy art? If not why not? and if you do, do you have a strategy or do you buy when the mood takes you? I’d love it if you shared with me what you have bought recently.

The piece that I bought in October is these Owl plates by Yvonne Ellen.  I saw them on the lovely blog Brownpaperbag, which is a great and inspirational read.

I fell in love with the plates and once I have them on the wall I will share a picture with you.

Yvonne ellen owlplates



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