A trip to the Olympic Park

I’m a bit behind with my posts this week, I had my brother and family staying at the weekend so there was no time for writing blog posts.

It’s really nice to be a tourist in your own city sometimes. I find it easy to get swept up in life and forget I’m in the middle on one of the most amazing cities in the world so it’s important to get out and about and enjoy it.

At the weekend we went on a trip to the Olympic Park to go up the ArcelorMittal Orbital. It’s a horrible name and in my opinion quite an ugly sculpture but it is really fun to go up it. Is it possible to get board of going up tall buildings? I never do! There are some amazing views from the top. It’s well worth a visit and for a London tourist attraction very quiet. It was also really nice to be back in the Olympic Park, it brought back happy memories of 2 years ago and the Olympics. We didn’t spend to much time in the park, but I do know you can hire bikes to explore which would be a fun day out. It’s a huge site so a bike would mean you could get round most of it.

Here are some pics.


The UK’s tallest Sculpture


The landscaping was really beautiful


Love these grasses


Balls in the sky


More plants, I like them a lot!


I really did like the plants!


Canary Wharf seen from the top


Canary wharf through the fence


Looking down


beautiful clouds


Looking through


The fence was beautiful, I loved the way the light reflected off it.


A close up of the fence


There are 455 steps down…



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